Computer Systems & Programming

The task of the UCERD Computer Science (UCS) Department is to power the way future computing machines are build, programmed and used, connecting what computer technology suggestions and application essentials, in robust collaboration with organizations guiding the field.
The joining of large coverage of all sides of computer systems design and programming along with in-depth expertise in each area is somewhat unique amongst supercomputing centres. UCS focuses on the software platform management in the product line engineering of high Performance Computing systems (multi-core, FPGA, Vector etc). The main goal of the department is to make progress in the hardware and software technologies accessible to build and efficiently use computing infrastructures, connecting the gap between computer architecture and application requirements. The department is proposing novel architectures for processor, memory hierarchy and their interconnection, programming models and their efficient implementation, tools for understanding and predicting performance and execution environments and resource managers atdifferent levels in the system, from multi-core architectures and accelerators, shared and distributed memory architectures, distributed systems and Cloud.
The UCS works on compilers that support HPC application for advance HPC hardware to solve complex problems in science and technology fields. To build up such applications, the UCERD software group takes advantage of the expertise of numerical methods and parallel programming. The group develops collaborations with other scientific groups in all fields of science and technology, complemented with strong links with Industrial companions who are in demand of advanced simulations of multiple technology problems.
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