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AMC: Advanced Multi-accelerator Controller

AMC: Advanced Multi-accelerator Controller

Nov 4, 2014

AMC: Advanced Multi-accelerator Controller

  • a Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona, Spain
  • b Microsoft Research, Barcelona, Spain
  • c Unal Center of Engineering Research & Development, Barcelona, Spain


•     In this article, we propose AMC an intelligent memory system and efficient scheduler.
•     The AMC can operates without intervention of master core or Operating system.
•     It supports multi-accelerators designed by High Level Synthesis tools.
•     The system is evaluated with memory intensive accelerators tested on a Xilinx ML505 evaluation FPGA board.
•     Results show that the AMC system achieves 10.4x and 7x of speed-up compared to generic HLS multi-accelerator systems.


The rapid advancement, use of diverse architectural features and introduction of High Level Synthesis (HLS) tools in FPGA technology have enhanced the capacity of data-level parallelism on a chip. A generic FPGA based HLS multi-accelerator system requires a microprocessor (master core) that manages memory and schedules accelerators. In a real environment, such HLS multi-accelerator systems do not give a perfect performance due to memory bandwidth issues. Thus, a system demands a memory manager and a scheduler that improves performance by managing and scheduling the multi-accelerator’s memory access patterns efficiently. In this article, we propose the integration of an intelligent memory system and efficient scheduler in the HLS-based multi-accelerator environment called Advanced Multi-accelerator Controller (AMC). The AMC system is evaluated with memory intensive accelerators, High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and implemented and tested on a Xilinx Virtex-5 ML505 evaluation FPGA board. The performance of the system is compared against the microprocessor-based systems that have been integrated with the operating system. Results show that the AMC based HLS multi-accelerator system achieves 10.4x and 7x of speedup compared to the MicroBlaze and Intel Core based HLS multi-accelerator systems.


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